The Seven Ages Of Childhood

The Milestones of childhood can never be repeated. But they can be captured in portraits that tell the story of a child's growing he or she passes through a series of stages...moving ever closer to adulthood.






Your Baby's First Year ...

At no time during your child's life will physical changes occur so rapidly. In what seems like the blink of an eye, a tiny, helpless bundle is transformed into an active, robust and inquisitive youngster.

At three months babies are fresh, new human beings. Everything in their world is brand new ... starting to become familiar ... but often strange. They are totally dependent on the important people in their lives, recognizing their family members, and just beginning to respond to others.

A three month portrait will preserve that time of newness. And when photographed with one or more parents or siblings, a portrait at this age will capture forever that fleeting time when family members are the center of your baby's intimate world.


By the sixth or seventh month babies are so lovable! Cuddly and responsive, yet still dependent ... strengthened muscles let them sit up and take part in the world around them. Care-free and happy-go-lucky, they crave attention and delight in having an audience. Portraits at this age are a perfect time to reveal chubby little arms and legs - and even backsides!


Around the ninth month many babies begin to strike out on their own. Still dependent on their parents, but starting to explore an ever-expanding world ... well on the way to becoming a real little person and letting everyone know "you won't hold on to me for long!"



At one year the permanent facial characteristics begin to reveal a family likeness and individual character ... still a baby, yet emerging as a robust and inquisitive child who is ready to meet the world. For the child who is now walking, the perfect message of the portrait is "I'm free!"




Around the second birthday a major milestone is achieved as the child begins to speak. The toddler now responds to reason, humor, and action ... beginning to explore a widening world.


Between the third and fourth birthdays is the cutest, most endearing age for "little" boys and girls. With the ability to speak and reason growing stronger every day, these youngsters now display individuality of character and action that should be portrayed before the baby teeth are lost and replaced by permanent ones ... forever altering the endearing look of early childhood.


During the seventh year the snaggly tooth age ends and permanent teeth emerge to change the facial contours. A developing mind reveals a more mature, inquiring outlook. Now off to school and making their way in the world ... portraits at this age can show the special interests that help to define who they are.


As the twelfth year progresses the child is about to enter the teenage years ... a kind of dress rehearsal for adulthood ... when physical, emotional, and attitude changes occur. The child you know so well is about to become a more complex and less dependent young person. Peer acceptance is now important, and portraits can capture the child's sense of style and expanding horizons.


By Sixteen childhood is all but a memory. The boy is almost a man ... in his interest, his attitudes, his thinking. Carefree years, yet ones that anticipate the challenges of adulthood on the horizon. The young woman is now "sweet sixteen", an unforgettable age when she blossoms into womanhood. Still a lifetime of growing and learning ahead ... but never again a child.

It's as easy as that. Through the Once Upon A Lifetime program, you can enjoy a peace of mind that comes from knowing your child's priceless photographic history will be preserved forever. So begin planning now for the most important portraits in your child's life. You'll always be glad you did!
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