Ideas for decorating your home
with portraits of your child






What better way to demonstrate how you feel about your child than to decorate your home with portraits made at important milestones of his or her life!

Any art form can touch our emotions. But portrait images also communicate how we feel about ourselves, our world, and those closest to us. And numerous psychologists have recognized the important role that portraiture plays in helping children to develop a positive self image.


When portraiture is used as a primary design element, it will make the decor of any location you choose more personalized. Portrait images are appropriate as focal points in both public and private rooms, so display them where you, your family, and your guests will have the opportunity to enjoy them every day.



Designing and displaying portraits is easy and fun when you make use of the many creative tools we have to assist you. When you feature portraits of your child in your home or office, they will not only convey the love you feel, but also serve as a tasteful reflection of your individualized decorating style.

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