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Creating a portrait history of your child







Someday the child you hold now will want to tell your grandchild what it was like when he was growing up. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a beautiful album of priceless images of that childhood, created by a sensitive professional who knows how to interpret and preserve the important stops along the journey to adulthood.

Today, you can plan your child's personal portrait history through the Once Upon A Lifetime national program, sponsored by the Professional Photographers of America and supported by independent portrait studios throughout the country. Through the Once Upon A Lifetime program, your child's portrait history album will become a treasure to enjoy today and a valued heirloom as the years go by.

Planning your child's individual portrait album is easy and fun when you make use of the many tools we have to assist you. There is no better way to reflect the love you feel for your child than creating a personal portrait history album. So call today to learn how you can get started preserving a lifetime in portraits.


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