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“Four years ago, I was extremely anxious at the thought of the planning of my wedding and choosing a wedding photographer.  I asked a photographer friend of mine who he would choose if he were getting married and he quickly told me, “Definitely Steve Theis”.  Yours was the first studio I visited, and I left not only feeling completely impressed by your work, but also with your sensitive personality.  Try as I might, however, I could not create a monetary figure that would allow us to afford your studio, even though I convinced my parents you were worth every penny (and threw a few tantrums to boot).  Thankfully, I was recently asked by a dear friend to recommend a photographer for her wedding.  I responded that, although our photographer was excellent, if I could choose the best of the best, it would be Theis Photography.  My friend, Brandi, was in on the beginning stages of my wedding and knew that I had visited over thirty photographers during my engagement.  I explained to her that this was necessary because I had seen your work first and no one else quite measured up.  I am so thrilled to now see her album online.  Chris did such a tremendous job photographing the wedding and dealing with the snags that so commonly arise on such an emotional day.  Just as I was touched by your personality, Steve,  I was equally as impressed with your son Chris.  You have obviously done a commendable job as a mentor and as a parent.  Thanks for  helping someone incredibly special to me remember her special day so beautifully.  Best wishes to you both!


Kristin Zerbe 

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!  Your studio did a wonderful job!  Now that the wedding is past - all we have are the memories and pictures, and we are getting compliments on both!  We just can’t tell you enough how much fun we’ve had with the whole process, you guys have been great and will be highly recommended.”                                           -Jenny & Allen Garey

We’re not sure how to express our thanks and praise over the wedding album.  Some of the memories captured in your photography were unbelievable!  You have given us the gift we will cherish for a lifetime!”                                                   -Annette & Doug Selzer

“How can Dick and I thank you enough for everything you did - all the pictures, before, after, and during the wedding.  You were not only the best Photographer I have ever had the pleasure of working with, but you were a great support to me all through the entire night.  Everyone from our familiess felt and expressed the same sentiment.  Thanks so much for all your kindness, friendship, and professionalism on a day that we will always cherish.”-Dick & Patty Dowd

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all of your hard work and efforts.  It all came together to make Jenny’s wedding a more enjoyable occasion.  We noticed that you took a lot of pictures.  Your input and advice was invaluable.  I noticed that your son, Chris, is a really hard worker and pays close attention to detail.  It appears that he will be a valuable asset to your company.  He also has a genuine concern for doing a good job for his customers, just as you have over the years.  I thank you both very much.”          -Jim & Denise Weller

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